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Our Expertise

Why N&H Pharma?

The Very Best Herbs Sourced Worldwide

At N&H Pharma emphasis is placed upon selecting the finest herbs to provide our customers with a truly natural product. We are committed to providing holistic treatment for people suffering from pain without the use of drugs which are made from chemicals known to leave harmful residues in the body. All of our products are wholly natural and sourced from all over the world. Meticulous detail is given to every process, from selecting the best herbs based on age and season, appropriate harvesting techniques, all the way through to delivery of high quality herbal plasters to alleviate pain and symptoms for various illnesses. Our goal is to ultimately improve the daily lives of our customers.

International team

of Herbal Medicine Experts and Researchers

Our team comprises of international experts and researchers with decades of experience in herbal medicine. They are supported by cutting-edge technology and are equipped with advanced tools and equipment to develop innovative herbal plasters that are versatile and effective in treating symptoms of various illnesses. The Research & Development team and specialists at N&H Pharma strive to develop quality herbal plasters for our customers.

N&H Pharma’s Special Formula

The Research & Development team and specialists at N&H Pharma strive to develop quality herbal plasters for our customers. This resulted in the development of a unique special formula not found anywhere else. The formula’s special properties help to stimulate the absorption of the herbal medicine into the skin, allowing for higher potency, efficacy, and better treatment results.

Private Manufacturing Plant

At N&H Pharma all our production is done in-house at a manufacturing plant that is certified by international standards. All processes including cultivation and production are done with valid licenses. There is a 24-hour temperature controlled storage room, state-of-the-art technology and machinery, and high standards of cleanliness in every aspect of production. Customers can rest assured they will receive a quality all-natural product with verifiable standards of production.

Production Process

With state-of-the art manufacturing technology and innovative extraction technology, the medicinal properties of the herbs can be extracted to molecules as small as 50 Mesh; this allows it to easily be absorbed through the skin directly into the bloodstream. In this way, the herbs maintain their efficacy and potency leading to better treatment outcomes. There are no side-effects as healing properties enter the capillaries without going through the gastrointestinal and liver system, leaving no harmful residue (including steroids). Our wholly natural herbal plasters are safe to use daily.