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Menstrual Pain

Sweet Wormwood

Sweet Wormwood, also known as Artemisia Annua, belongs to the sunflower plant family and is an annual short-day plant.
Sweet Wormwood is fragrant with sparse thin hairs. It is commonly found in North America, Europe, North Africa, and most of Asia.
- Treats menstrual disorders, irregular menstrual cycles
- Relieves menstrual pain, and symptoms of retrograde menstruation
- Relieves symptoms of menstruation
- Helps with symptoms of hematoma
- Anti-oxidant, rebalances and revitalizes the body
Sweet Wormwood blooms in August.
The plants and the roots are removed during harvest.


Turmeric is common throughout Southeast Asia and originated in Indonesia and India.
Turmeric is a plant that has a very long history of medicinal use. It has rhizomes (underground stems) with some roots and is approximately 1-1.2 meters high.
- Menstrual pain relief
- Helps with irregular periods
- Treats symptoms of leukorrhea
- Helps with symptoms of hematoma, improves blood circulation
- Treats ovarian cysts
This plant is harvested in winter once the leaves have dried. Dig out, wash and dry the rhizomes.

San Leng

San Leng belongs to a family of weeds and are commonly found growing a long river banks.
- Relieves menstrual pain
- Improves blood pressure
- Improves blood circulation
Harvested any time from winter to spring.
Simply remove the shell and leave to dry.

Female Ginseng

Female Ginseng is a herb from the family Apiaceae and are normally 40-100 centimeters tall. The stalk is straight with minor grooves with large cylindrical roots and stems underground.
Female Ginseng requires shade and coolness to grow and is most commonly found in temperate zones approximately 2,000-9,000 meters above sea level.
- Improves overall blood circulation
- Helps dilate blood vessels/blockages
- Remedy for menstrual pain
- Aids with pre-menstrual syndrome
- Treats menstrual disorders, irregular menstrual cycles
- Treats menstrual clots
- Helps with hot flashes for women during menopause
It has a cultivation period of 2-3 years and can be harvested towards the end of spring.
Simply pluck the leaves, remove the stem, and wash off the soil. Expose to fire till it hardens.

Chinese Cinnamon

Chinese Cinnamon is a deciduous plant originating from southern China which is widely cultivated in southern and eastern Asia.
Chinese Cinnamon is a medium-sized plant which grows to be approximately 10-15 meters tall.
Its’ bark is round and dark grey with longitudinal cracks. The inner leaf is crimson red and highly fragrant.
- Helps dissolve blood clots
- Dilates blood vessels for better circulation
Using a knife, scrape, and remove the outer shell then peel off the inner shell from the stem.
Alternate placing the herb in shade and under sunlight for approximately 5 days. While drying, pull the ends of both sides together. Once the shell is completely dry, tie them together

Corydalis yanhusuo

Purple flower with gold produce, this flower has a bitter taste and is commonly found in warm, slightly damp areas.
It does decently well in cold conditions and is harvested at approximately 210 days of age.
- Helps improve blood circulation
- Reduces pain symptoms
- Reduces symptoms of menstruation
- Helps expedite lochia (vaginal discharge during the postpartum period)
This flower is usually harvested between April-May and its produce can be harvested around May-June

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