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Our Story

N&H Pharma Co. Ltd. (Thailand) was founded in 1995 originally as Yin Yu Co. Ltd. The company was created by a team of expert traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and researchers with over 35 years of experience. Assembled in China, the group was led by Dr. Lai Qiang Hua who successfully completed the third-generation diagnosis course and excelled in practical trials. In turn, receiving accreditation from the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, making him one of the foremost experts in the field

In 1996, we began distribution of nutritional supplements under the brand ROSA ROXBURGHI and received great positive feedback. During this time, we became aware that many individuals who suffer with chronic pain and diseases have little choice but to take a large amounts of medication, from pain killers and anti-inflammatory pills, to muscle relaxants and more. Over time, these often pose a health risk to the body’s organs, especially the liver and kidneys, which can often lead to various health complications.

With this in mind, our team of medical experts and researchers spent over 5 years developing, researching, and perfecting herbal plasters that offer effective prevention & treatment for various ailments. The plasters are applied externally, helping patients reduce their medication intake. This innovation was a first for the industry and helped boost treatment and recovery times with the use of the finest healing herbs. Medicinal properties are absorbed via the skin directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the gastrointestinal system completely. This leaves no harmful residue in your liver and kidneys and maximizes the efficacy of the medication leading to better treatment results.

We pay meticulous detail to every step of our process to ensure customers receive the very best. Our experts search and select the best healing herbs from all over the world, as we believe that all-natural ingredients are key to creating a quality product. Herbal properties are analyzed including information such as origin, age, as well as best harvest/cultivation periods. They are then dried, disinfected, and grinded for extraction. The ingredients are mixed and tested for compatibility before being disinfected once again. Once ready, they are then packaged using clean, safe, and standardized processes supported by cutting-edge technology. The end result are herbal plasters which provide relief to pain, chronic conditions and more. Some are listed below:

The most innovative of these are the Herbal Plasters for Insomnia. The first of its kind in the world with an international patent pending, these plasters are a god send for those with sleeping disorders. It is our policy to select the finest ingredients to create products which improve the life of our customers and help reduce the need for medication. We are constantly striving to develop more herbal plasters which relieve and treat various ailments in the future.

Throughout the years our products have been improved with regards to practicality and ease-of-use for customers while not compromising the efficacy of herbal medicinal properties. Today, we are a successful distributor of herbal plasters with loyal customers and have exceeded our original profit targets by over 100%.

In 2017, as part of our rebranding process we officially changed our name to N & H Pharma (Thailand) Co., Ltd. We also expanded our network, offices, and distributors internationally including the United States, China, and Vietnam. The goal is to continue expanding internationally to access the global market.

Over 20 years of innovation, research, and development have made us the premier expert in herbal remedies. This has allowed us to become the pioneer and sole distributor of herbal plasters used to prevent and treat various illnesses. We will continue to strive to create new and innovative herbal plasters for the benefit of man.