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What are the Risks of Sleeping Pills?

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What are the Risks of Sleeping Pills?

Sleep is the body’s best way of recharging your batteries for the next day. However, the demands of modern life often hinder sufficient sleep, whether it is lack of time or stress from work and other activities. Lack of sleep and rest leads many individuals to turn to sleeping pills; the prolonged use of which can cause dangerous side effects on the body.

Sleeping pills are sedatives which induce drowsiness, sleepiness, and in some cases, are used to cope with stress. They can be categorized into 5 groups, the most popular of which are Benzodiazepins as they are fast-acting, induces sleep rapidly, and long-lasting. These attributes have made them popular among individuals experiencing insomnia and irregular sleep patterns. Sleeping pills may be effective in the short-term. However, they do not treat the causes of sleep deprivation and prolonged use can lead to health complications.

Some risks of taking sleeping pills include delusion, confusion, and an inability to focus on tasks. Work performance may be adversely affected, while memory and other cognitive abilities may also become impaired. Furthermore, people who use sleeping pills over a long period of time will develop a resistance. This often leads to more frequent use and higher doses. In severe cases, overdosing on sleeping pills will cause respiratory failure and death.

Insomnia and other sleep disorders can be prevented and treated with methods that do not require sleeping pills. One effective method is changing sleep behavior, for example not going to bed too late in the night. It is recommended to avoid exercising during the night as it raises your heart rate and core body temperature. Try to avoid consuming tea, coffee, or alcohol before sleep. A warm bath or soaking your feet for 10-20 minutes in warm water can do wonders.

Furthermore, it helps to create an ambience in your room for a ‘good night’s sleep’. Preferably an open cozy space, with a temperature of approximately 20-25 degrees Celsius is ideal. Do not leave the television or computer on while sleeping. Light music is recommended to help induce a relaxed state. N&H Pharma also recommends our very own Herbal Patches for Insomnia Relief which utilizes nature’s ingredients to induce deep, uninterrupted sleep, without the harmful side effects of sleeping pills.

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